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Foot Factor is a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle,
knee,hip and lower back pain. This is achieved through in-depth
biomechanical analysis leading to the creation of
custom orthotics.

Orthotic insoles will optimise performance in sports
and improve comfort in sports and street shoes.
They often resolve lower limb and back problems.
Foot Factor orthotics are ready to wear at the
end of your 1.5 hr appointment.

Foot Factor is unique. You’ll benefit immediately from
your orthotic insoles, tailor made while you wait.

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My sincere gratitude for the help you have given me in being able to walk normally once again after 3 years of pain. The thorough analysis you carried out and the hand crafted shoe in-soles you made up have ensured that I have regained full mobility and am free of pain.
Martin Swerdlow

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