It has now been 25 years since I started working with feet, human biomechanics, footwear and orthotics. This has given me invaluable and unique experience. I have always worked with patients/clients “on the spot”, treating them and making orthotics while they wait. This means that:

  • No time is wasted.

Only one, one and a half hour appointment is needed.

You present with a particular problem/injury. I assess it, understand it and determine what is required. I find, design and provide you with a solution.

  • Common sense

Most injuries have a logical and chronological explanation. What seems to be a new problem often has for a long time waited to happen.

  • A thorough assessment

Assisted by computer reading and analysis, some empiric observations and a complete questionnaire, a rigorous assessment will be conducted to determine the causes of the problem.

  • Find a solution

Finally but most important, I will design and produce an orthotic that will help you to get over your problems, This is what matter to you. The value of an assessment is as good as the solution you can provide.

The orthotics will be produced in a half weight bearing procedure with your best foot and ankle biomechanical alignment. I think that is very important that the practitioner who assesses your problem makes the ultimate custom. orthotics while you wait. This way, no data can be interprated differently or lost. You can wear the orthotics instantly, starting your recovery immediately.

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